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Work overview (finished)

This documents gives an overview of all activities that have to be done while making the new developers portal.

(Henk) Creating a general style sheet.
(Rob/Gerard) Decide which information is going the be present in which section.
(Gerard/Jo) Migrating information to new site.
(Michiel) Arranging authentication/authorization.
(Henk) Creating templates for persons (foto, information)
(Kees) Creating templates for the download section.
(Eduard) Creating templates for MMBase projects.
(Henk) Other templates, for: projects, news items, etc.
(Kees) Integration of api documentation
(Michiel) Integration of documenation, and automatically generation of documentation.
(Michiel) Integration of webcvs / changelog.
(Daniel) bug tracker
(Ernst) KBase
(Rob) Developers mailing list archive
(johannes/Simon) htdig search
(Michiel, Henk) Edit wizards
(Gerard/Jo) Review of the old information (check if information of persons are still up to date etc.)
(Rob) Object cloud
(Ernst) Design