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Work overview (part 2)

Feel free to perform the tasks listed below. If you want to solve a task of somebody else, please communicate that at the list. In that way we all stay informed.

(Daniel) fix that jumps to the correct portal.
(Michiel) character encoding
(Marcel) page [communication-presentations], icons have to be changed. Title is missing. Seperation between media types is missing (video, sheets, audio, document).
(Daniel) page [bugtracker], ugly tables, and wrong buttons in last changed. Ugly tables in statistics, exception while entering mybugs and mysettings while not logged in.
(Henk) [about-people] title is missing. Message is missing while entering the page for the fist time. The table is ugly. At this point you cannot see to wish group a person is beloning (mmc/committer/developer).
(Daniel) [about-roadmap] is not available.
(Rob) [about-organistion] Is out of date.
(MMC) [about-mission statement]: Is not available
(Rob) [documentation] Iframe format is not good. All documentation will be showed in external pages. The documentation has to be generated with the correct css. This counts for the MMBase documentation and the api documentation.
(Michiel) [download-cvs]: viewcvs cannot find
And the cvsview is not working currently.
(Simon/Johannes) [communiction-Projects]: It is probably better to show the last x projects on the overview page, or only 2 links to the active/archived project pages.
(Andre) general: link containers becoming to big while the text in the containers are too long.
(Johannes/Simon) [communication-project] The related tables have to be the standard include boxes.
(Andre) [documentation-news]: Navigation to next and previous page is not nice. We need a site wide solution for this.
(Andre) [documentation-news-detail] nog wat bijschaven; oude nieuwsitems lijken
niet goed te worden weergegeven.
(Johannes/Simon) search: form needs to be updated. We also have to decide if we want 1 search page for the complete site. If that is the case you have to be able to specify in which portal you want to search, etc.
(Ernst) css: We need a pagetitle class.
(Ernst) css: We need better colors, the stylesheet needs to be able to support differt sets of colors.
(Kees) buttons: When colors are decided, buttons can be made. I suppose it is better to generate the different buttons with some imagemagick tricks (ask VPRO).
(Henk) OSCache.