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MMChat: 2002/01/31

Present:Daniel, Rico, Gerard, Pierre, and Rob

1) Rules for voting
2) MMBase foundation
3) Developers meeting
4) Distro/editwizard

1) Rules for voting
Pierre is going to review the existing rules and is going to make a clear and complete overview. This overview will be posted to the mmc list. When we have a solid (and up to date) set of rules they will be posted to the developers list and be put online on

2) MMBase Foundation
We have been reading some foundation documentation. Daniel updates us about the foundation. He mentioned that he had problems making clear what we expect from the foundation. He explained the misunderstandings, we as the MMC are 100% behind the standpoint of Daniel.
In short: The foundation has to facilitate MMBase. e.g. by providing clear information, helping with technical things such as mailinglists, webserver, and as a producer for e.g. events. The Foundation is not MMBase, it's only a organisation that supports the MMBase community.

3) Developers Meeting
Some people want to give a presentation at the meeting. Daniel is going to try to fix facilities for the presentations and will mail the developers list for information about this.

4) Distro/editwizard
The organisations involved in the edit wizard have approved to make the edit wizard open source. Gerard will announce this, but will wait untill the next wizard meeting is finished. Gerard will inform the developers about the wizard code.