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MMChat: 2001/07/12

Present: Rico, Rob, Daniel, Gerard

1) JSP editors
2) Distribution
3) Atmosphere
4) Taglibs
5) Versioning

1) What about the JSP editor ?
Before putting the JSP editor pages in CVS we have to find out how we want to maintain 'projects in progress'. We want to delay this discussion untill the Augustus 2001 distribution is finished.

2) What about the new distribution ?
The only topic we remembered was about the DTD's. We think that making the use of DTD's is desirable. And as a default the XML validation with DTD's should be active.

3) The Atmosphere within the community ?
Some people disagree with how things are going within the MMC. We think that we have to communicate more about what the MMC is and what it does. After the distribution we are going to work at a document. The document will be proposed to the MMBase community.

4) Taglibs
Daniel mentioned that the Taglibs are probably not finished in the next distro.
Some tags are too difficult, the MMC thinks that it is desirable that taglibs are simple to understand.

5) Versioning
With which number are we going to start? Daniel will ask this the community.
We wanted to put versioning fast into CVS to be able to use it during the next distro. This was wrong, we are going to ask the community for votes.