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MMChat: 2002/11/07

Present were: Rico, Rob, Pierre, Daniel, Gerard.

1) MMC face to face meeting.
This meetings is arranged for thursday the 14th of november, from 15:00 till 18:00. During the meeting the MMC will evaluate itself and rethink there vision and goals.

2) MMBase 1.6 distro.
There are no show stopping problems.
The VPRO/VARA informed us that they want to add a new interface for the editwizards. This issue will be discussed by the release team, this friday.

There are some discussions going on, about the license used for WIAB. The MMC will discuss this topic monday with the foundation.

4) Meeting, MMC with Foundation
Monday the 11th at 14:00 the MMC will have a meeting with the foundation. this meeting will give the MMC information about the plans of the foundation.

5) Ex committers
We have to reinsert some rules in the guidelines that are lost. It's about committers that are inactive for a long period, they can loose there committers status. Pierre will adapt the rules, Rob will change the status of the committers in ex committers.

6) Andre and my_editors.
We are going to propose committers status for Andre. In that way he can put his my_editors contribution in CVS.