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MMC Mission Statement

The MMBase developers are the core part of the MMBase project. Without these developers, in fact, there would be no MMBase project. The roles and responsibilities that people assume within the project are based on merit. Everyone can help regardless of what their role is. The developers community is very active. Every day information exchange takes place on the mailing list and the IRC (MMBase chat). The MMBase management Committee and the Committers do their best to manage all processes.

MMBase Management Committee.
The MMBase Management Committee consists of 5 developers who have made major contributions to the project and have in depth knowledge of the system. The MMC coordinates the Open Source process, the MMBase projects, the code that is added to the core. They make release plans and manage CVS.

The MMC is supported by a group of eleven committers who can also make immediate changes in the core of MMBase. A vote is taken on every important change in the core. The Committers are developers who have frequently added valuable code to MMBase. Committers are people who know very well how MMBase is constructed, and they also know what they can and may add to the CVS.

The Developers are all those people who are involved in the MMBase process. Developers inform us about bugs and try to solve these bugs. All people seriously working on MMBase can obtain the status of developer. If a Developer frequently submits code that is valuable to MMBase, the status of the Developer could be upgraded to Committer.

Foundation. The foundation is founded to facilitate the developers community, and organisations that are using MMBase. The MMC communicates with the foundation to keep each other informed. For more information about the foundation we refer to the foundation portal.