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This is the Thesis in zipped Word format.

Audio Annotation

Extending MMBase with audio annotation features.

Audio annotation comes down to providing additional information related with an audiopart. Audio annotations have a particular position and length during which they're related with an audiopart.
For example: A radio discussion can be annotated in time afterwards with information about the speaking persons. Other annotations are their propositions and arguments. Thus, when a new speaker takes a stand additional information becomes available. In the same way a user can browse through the annotated discussion by jumping to a particular speaker or subject.

This project was the Computer Science graduation project of David V van Zeventer for 'Hogeschool van Utrecht/ Technische Informatica'. The research project began in September of 1999 and ended in March of 2000. The project was carried out at VPRO Digitaal.(Hilversum, the Netherlands:

Technical information:

The research project consisted of 2 objectives:
1) Providing annotation features to MMBase and the MMEditors.
2) Research & Development of presentation possibilities for annotated audio and the merging with MMBase.

1) For MMBase a new relation type: 'annotrel' (MMObjectBuilder) was created. Annotrel extends the standard Insrel relation type, and adds annotation information like position, length and type.
Using the MMEditors an audio annotation is made by creating an annotation-relation between an audiopart object & annotation (e.g. image, text). This way the relation will hold the position & length at which the annotation is active.

2) For the presentation of annotation audio the multimedia language SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) was used. SMIL is an XML type language which uses hyperlinks to select content. To retrieve the annotation information and related content we used the same retrieve mechanism used for HTML documents. Thus, next to shtml,flashvar,etc, MMBase will also scan & parse SMIL documents. Parseable SMIL documents get the extension .ssmil.

Audio annotation examples can be found in the MMBase Examples section (see links below).