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Daniel Ockeloen (project leader)

Application 1.0

The application project involves creating a XML based toolset to import/export and sync mmbase applications in MMBase and between multiple MMBase clouds. The wording application by itself is somewhat weird in MMBase since it uses more of a cloud of object that is in a current state so we need to define a what we mean with a application in MMbase. We define a application as a subpart of the cloud (builders, objects, relations, classes) that have a well defined goal. For example the Application 'MyYahoo' means that part of the cloud (structure and content) that make up the MyYahoo site. Unlike with other applications in MMBase they are more a view/part of the cloud, the result is that application can overlap others using the same builders or using the same content (for example the url's in the MyYahoo application can be used by many others).

This project goal is to create several tools that use XML as its base to import/export these applications for a number of well defined problems :

Many things are still open for discussion and its a complex project, to combat this submarine has defined a working prototype that can be used as a starting point. We will follow the list of goals (install examples and backup/restore) since that is what we need. This doesn't mean its the way to go but gives us a idea of what problems will pop up before we do the real design.

If you would like to join the Application working group please contact me, The PMC (Project Management Committee) will have to think how this overlaps other projects etc etc.