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Pierre van Rooden (project leader)

Michiel Meeuwissen

Gerard van Enk

Rico Jansen

Kars Veling

Hillebrand Gelderblom


file Dove API 1.0
Dove API version 1.0. The Dove is a utility for passing comamnds to MMBase using xml. This document described the XML syntax.

word doc Edit Wizard Documentation v.Marc

pdf Editwizard documentation (pdf)


The current implementation of these editors, which have been developed in the last year, is in a number of java classes, which are called on by a set of jsp pages.
Configuration of the editors (what to edit) is done using xml. Configuration of the edit pages (the layout and editor-functionality) is done using xml stylesheets (xsl).
The editwizards also make use of Dove (a recent Hack in MMBase), to request and store data in MMBase.

This project will add the editwizard classes, jsps, and example editors xmls to cvs, provide user documentation.
It will be responsible for solving any remaining conflicts (bugfixing, adding configuration parameters), and allow a smooth integration in the current MMBase code.
Another responsibility will be to make a small, separate, release of the editwizards available, at short notice.