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Pierre van Rooden (project leader)

Michiel Meeuwissen

Eduard Witteveen

Roelof Jan Koekoek

Rob van Maris

Kees Jongenburger

Jaco de Groot

Marcel Maatkamp

Daniel Ockeloen


file General Enhancements Proposal
Proposal for new methods and classes (utility and general enhancements).

file MMCI1.2 General Enhancements (de

MMCI 1.2

This project's aim is to improve the MMCI (bridge) interface, by extending it with new methods and classes.

Besides a number of general improvements (such as manipulating lists), it will also examine and implement (in conjunction with related projects) methods and classes for security management, administration tasks, and flexible querying.

The project will be split in four distinct subprojects. There will be some overlap with other projects (as some changes will be at their request).
The following subprojects (and sub-project manager, if known) exist:

General Enhancements (Pierre van Rooden)
Improve general useability. Mostly utility methods. A list of this is provided and has been approved and implemented.

Administration Tasks
Partly ment to power the admin pages, but also to support the application project.
This will be an entirely different interface (one which extends the standard bridge).
Actual form and implementation have yet to be decided.

Security Management
To add users and usergroups, assign rights, create contexts, etcetera.
This will be an entirely different interface (one which extends the standard bridge).
An implementation of this interface may not be part of this MMCI 1.2 project, but a suggested approach may be.

This will be define new Query interface, to use for requesting data from MMbase in place of the (rather cumbersome) getList() methods.
The original getList() methods will continue to exist, but will be mapped to the new interface.
This subproject awaits the status of the Query project.