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Michiel Meeuwissen (project leader)

Pierre van Rooden

Daniel Ockeloen

André van Toly

Chris Herrebrugh

Taglib II

Taglib does have a version 1 for quite some time now, and has been in used by quite some sites.

This project will focus on several minor updates and improvements on the taglib functionality, in collaboration with the mmci 1.2 project. So nothing very shocking and this will lead to taglib version '1.1' in MMBase 1.7 or so (In MMBase 1.6 we had 1.0.1, in 1.5 we had 1.0 and in 1.4 0.8?)

We foresee:

- A 'contenttype' tag, which can change the default behaviour of writer tags (html escaping and so on), set the contenttype (and locale), and possibly does smart stuff such as recoding of the page, and cleaning away white-space.