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About the MMBase Foundation

The MMBase Foundation was established in 2002. It is a non profit institute and its main objective, as established in article 2 of the Foundation Statutes, is to facilitate the Content Management System MMBase for Open Source use, with the related community, focusing on stability, innovation and the existence of the software.

MMBase is a so called enterprise web content management system, covering the full range from hard authentication, full functional large scale web-maintenance to personalised e-learning environments. The MMBase Foundation supports the community: users, commercial partners and developers. The developers have their own portal and organisation structure, their Management Committee advises the Foundation. The Foundation primarily looks after the interests of the users and commercial partners, but supports the developers where and if necessary. Major goal is to facilitate the web content management system for Open Source use with a focus on stabilization, innovation and continuity of the software and community. The MMBase Foundation also plays an important role in creating awareness, promoting and informing the public on Open Source Software, until now mainly in the Netherlands.

At this point the Foundation has a few dozen (commercial) partners. There is a large developers community, of which 12 have the status of committer and another 5 form the MMBase Management Committee. The MMBase Foundation has a CEO a part-time employees, a board and an advisory committee of partners and developers (the MMC), and users. MMBase is the largest Open Source Community in the Netherlands and plays a leading role in the overall Open Source application and component development. The Foundation is –so far- using quite informal methods for the evaluation of the implementation partners and hosting providers.