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Mailinglist mmbase-discuss


The first step to be informed about the latest or to get involved with MMBase, is to subscribe to on of our mailinglists. We've recently stopped hosting them ourselves and moved them to Google Groups.


MMBase discussions
Google Group mmbase-discuss

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Users mailinglist archive
External archive of our users mailing list

Developers mailing list archive
External archive of our developers mailing list

You can subscribe to mmbase-discuss at
In the past we had something like five different lists. Separate lists for not only developers and users, but also for CMS Container, anounce etc. These have been brought together in just one list: mmbase-discuss. It had no option to move our subscriptions so if you want to keep up-to-date you'll have to newly subscribe again.

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Besides mmbase-discuss there will be a list to keep track of all repository commits. We will inform you about that later.