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Activities within the MMBase Community


The stability of a Open Source community depends on the stability and activity of its members.

The Foundation is in many cases the first contact point for new users and developers and coordinates the communication within the community. The Foundation also brings users and potential users together, so they can learn from each others experiences. Technical developments are collected and shared with partners and shared development between users is initiated by the Foundation.

The Foundation plays a crucial role in gathering a critical mass of Open Source users, necessary for the future existence of Open Source and MMBase. Furthermore it informs companies, institutes and the government on why and how to use Open Source and how to maintain Open Source Software.

The Foundation has collaborated very actively with national and local governments of the Netherlands, in drawing up the basis of Open Source Software development plans for the Dutch public sector. There is a firm relation with the OSSOS program (Open Standards and Open Source Software) of the Dutch government, set up to improve the exchange of knowledge and components sources in governmental domains. The Foundation however addresses both the public and private sector. The MMBase Foundation offers a portal with information, a knowledgebase and information on best practices, as well as a supplier’s list.

The MMBase Foundation considers itself an international organisation; Open Source Software by nature is not bound to any boundaries. For that reason our website is English only, as is most of our communication.

Other activities
- Advisor of national and local governments on Open Standards and Open Source and advises on rules and regulations.
- The Foundation actively informs politicians (European Parliament Members and Dutch national MP’s) on the importance of open standards, OSS and software patent issues.
- On the international level, the Foundation looks for cooperation with other communities, to share knowledge, applications and stimulate research and the “Take Up” of Open Source Software, especially MMBase.