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MMBase Technical Board

In the year 2005 a lot of people and organizations participated in the debate on the future of MMBase. There were -and are- many different views on the road ahead. In the autumn of 2005 this led to the conclusion that if we want to move ahead, we need a board that represents the whole community: developers, users and technical partners.

At the annual meeting of the MMBase Foundation (December 2005) a concrete proposal to install a technical board (in Dutch 'het technisch comité') was discussed and approved.

The developers proposed two candidates, as did the users and technical partners.These persons ‘represent’ their colleagues. The Foundation acts as host and guides the process. The members of the technical board are (on behalf of):
-developers: Michiel Meeuwissen and Johannes Verelst;
-users: Ronald Vendelmans (Amsterdam), Arjan van Krimpen / Rob de Bruin (Kennisnet);
-service providers: Martijn Verhoeven (MAG Productions), Henk Hangyi (Finalist);
-foundation: Jo Lahaye.

For an overview of the MMBase Community see

This pages shows an overview of the minutes of meeting of the technical board: