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The MMBase Foundation organizes - on request - three different courses for the following target groups: managers, application developers, webmasters and editors.

If you are looking for deep(er) inside technical knowledge, please contact the Foundation. In collaboration with our partners we will try to meet your specific training needs.

The following default (basic) courses are on request available. The first one (for managers) is free, the other ones cost euro 100 a person, with a minimum of three attendees. If for any reason you are not capable of paying these fees, the Foundation might be able to help. Default location is Hilversum, but training on the spot is also possible. Normal duration is 3 hours (morning or afternoon session); the session for managers takes 2 hours. If you want more information or you would like to arrange a training, please contact the foundation by sending a mail to

The courses

Managers (free, on request).
The course for managers focuses on the following aspects:

  • is a content-management system and portal necessary in your organization
  • what kind of system would suit you best (out of the box - growth scenario)
  • (dis)advantages of document oriented system and/or object oriented system
  • what does it mean to use open source software
  • multitiered environment, separation of content, structure, layout
  • Java, JEE characteristics
  • MMBase-core, Component Framework, MMBase CMS portal, e-learning (Didactor)
  • available components
  • getting started

Application development (euro 100 a person, minimum of three persons, on request)

  • architecture of MMBase, general characteristics of the Java (JEE) environment.
  • documentation and examples
  • object oriented programming
  • MMBase-core, what's in there, how is it used
  • Component Framework and components
  • MMBase CMS portal
  • e-learning (Didactor)
  • installing MMBase
  • "Hello world", a first news article
  • using JSP and taglib
  • do's and don'ts
  • building more complex websites (examples)

Webmasters / editors (euro 100 a person, minimum of three persons, on request)

  • MMBase architecture, general characteristics
  • documentation, examples
  • managing the users of an application (roles based security: who is allowed what)
  • creating content, available object-types
  • basic advise for writing web content
  • editwizards, different types, how they function, what they can('t) do.
  • why and how is content shown; the browser request and the JSP
  • managing the number of JSP's
  • workflow
  • navigation
  • adding a forum, poll, chat, webform, etc. to your "pages"
  • starting a new (sub-)site
  • handling large amounts of content (objects)
  • different implementations of MMBase (examples, pro's and con's)