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MMBase Component Framework

This project aims at developing a framework to allow generic components to be built on top of MMBase that can be truly shared between different frameworks, e.g. CMS's that were build upon MMBase.


The idea of Packaging is to help developers and administrators by: Installing/upgrading/deleting pieces of functionality. Merge data from an application with already existing data. Make backups. Make mirror sites. Synchronize parts of clouds with other sites. Develop an application that can be provided to clients. Make updates within certain intervals. Apply bug/security fixes. and more...

Optimization project

The Optimization Project will restructure and redesign some parts of MMBase. It will add source documentation restructure package structure and much more. The begin of the project will cover much discussion of what to change. At this moment the project has limited CVS privilege.


Query Cache Release Framework

This project aims to develope a framework for query cache release strategies.

Field Types & Data Types

The project wil deal with new Field types, how to add enumeration types to the MMBase core, and how to extend functionality (such as range checking) based on field types.

Developers Portal

This project will cover the creation of a new MMBase developers portal. During a weekend (20/21 september) volunteers will help with the creation of the portal.


This project will aim at working on a better interface for the storage classes, migrating existing support classes to storage, and connecting to the Query interface. This may also involve better database transaction handling, adding new functionality, and optimization of code.

Taglib II

The taglib 2 project will create new functionality which will, among other things, connect to the classes used in the Query project.

MMCI 1.2

This project's aim is to improve the MMCI (bridge) interface, by extending it with new methods and classes. Besides a number of general improvements (such as manipulating lists), it will also examine and possibly implement (in conjunction with related projects) methods and classes for security management, administration tasks, and flexible querying.

Database search queries This project will focus on the way database search queries are delivered and processed in MMBase. Currently these queries are delivered as hardcoded SQL expressions. Because of this, queries that have to be device-independent (e.g. in the core classes of MMBase) can not take advantage of device-specific facilities that rely on a non-standard syntax.

Media project

The MMBase cvs contains already classes for handling audio and video objects. The way MMBase is using these objects, and the complete system of retrieving media, till publishing media is unique. The goal of this project will be making the audio and video stuff usable in general.


The edit wizards are an extension to MMbase, intended to create a task-based, userfriendly editor. The editors have been developed by Q42 at the request of a group of sponsoring companies that currently use MMBase and had need for such editors.


In MMBase it is now only possible to divide your field in paragraphs, by using empty lines. It is evident that people often want to give more structure to text than only a paragraph division. Another thing which is missing in the mark up of MMBase fields is the possibility to link objects to them, or to a sub-item of a text field, like a word or (part of) a sentence. This project was initiated to remove these kind of limitations.


The goal of this project is to create a better build-process for MMBase. There are three major goals: 1. Create one last distro in the old way 2. Create nightly builds 3. Create a new build and configuration system


The aim of the project is to produce a clear and sufficient set of documentation for MMBase. MMBase documentation is written in Docbook XML. For an up-to-date version of the documentation go to: download | all nightly builds | docs.

Transactions 2.0

This projects aims to improve the transaction and temporary node managers, the 'core' code that enables the use of transactional import.


Until this project, MMBase had a very primitive logging system. The goal of this project is to introduce the log4j logging system in MMBase. This will give us a well configurable and speedy solution, which is supported by a fairly active community.


The Taglib project will focus on creating a minimal standard set of taglibs for MMBase and investigate wich external taglibs can be used for pageflow functionality.


The result of the project will be a Community builder that can operate as a chatboard or forum within MMBase.

Relation Project

The goal of this project is to improve the way relations work in the MMBase object cloud.

Cloud Interface (MMCI)

The goal of this project is to define an API or several APIs with which different presentation languages can be grafted on top of MMBase. Examples of such languages include SCAN, JSP, PHP, and XML.

Temporary Cloud Project (TCP)

The Temporary Cloud Project (TCP) makes it easy to create MMBase objects from web pages. To remember

Application 1.0

Projects involves applications (as defines as part of the cloud with a given goal) in the way of installing, exporting, syncing

Defining Builders

XML importer (TCP 2.0)

The goal of this project is to extend MMBase with new XML import facilities, facilitating bulk import of data from different sources (e.g. third parties).


XML Configuration

Audio Annotation

MMBase & Jini

This is a research project that investigates the possibilities of advertising MMBase services to the Jini community, and allowing Jini services to be used within the MMBase environment.


Multi Language

This Multi Language project will focus on the end-user internationalisation of mmbase. It will localize the front-end to the language of the visitor. This includes re-usable words, but more importantly content. MMbase lacks support for multi language content at the moment.