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Rob Vermeulen (project leader)

Daniel Ockeloen

Martien van Steenbergen

Thesis in compressed PostScript format
The official Jini site
The Jini site at Sun Microsystems
Thesis in PDF format

MMBase & Jini

The objective of this research project was to investigate whether Jini and MMBase could be merged, so that MMBase can advertise its services to the Jini community and Jini services can be used within the MMBase environment.

This study was the graduation project of Rob Vermeulen for his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Twente. The research project began in September of 1999 and ended in March of 2000. The project was carried out at Sun Microsystems Holland B.V. (Amersfoort, the Netherlands:

The thesis (see URL at bottom of this page) describes the impact MMBase would have as a well-behaved Jini citizen. MMBase as a Jini citizen is capable of using Jini services, and offering MMBase services to the existing Jini services. The thesis ends by describing the advantages and disadvantages of making MMBase a Jini citizen. It also summarizes several additional research areas.