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Erik Visser (project leader)

Rob van Maris

Marcel Maatkamp


Files needed to get started.

file TCP2.0 dtd.
Dtd used by xml-importer files.

file XML Importer overview
XML Importer overview.

file Installation and quickstart guid
Installation instructions and quickstart.

file preliminary overview
These preliminary and informal specs are provided to serve as a basis for further thought and discussion preceding finalization of decisions on design, implementation and final modifications for this XML importer. (An opportunity for discussion will be announced and arranged for early october.)

file XML Importer cookbook.
Tips for using the XML Importer.

XML importer (TCP 2.0)

The goal of this project is to extend MMBase with new XML import facilities, facilitating bulk import of data from different sources (e.g. third parties).

Before, the only way to bulk import data in an efficient way, was by means of XML-defined transactions, using the vocabulary defined by the Temporary Cloud Project (TCP).
While these semantics are sufficient to populate empty MMBase tables with new objects, they are inconvenient when importing data into non-empty tables. To avoid creating duplicates in the latter case, prior knowledge of the contents of the table is required, when defining the transactions needed to import the new data.

The aim of this project is to extend the TCP-semantics with more convenient import capabilities.

Specifically, for all imported objects one will be able to specify:

Given these capabilities, data import transactions can be defined in a way that is independent of the prior state of the persistent object cloud. The import will just add the objects that are needed. I.e. if the same import is run twice, no new objects will be added on the second run, because they have been added in the first run already.