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Dirk-Jan Hoekstra (project leader)


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Community project

The result of the project will be a Community builder that can operate as a chatboard or forum within MMBase.

It will be relatively easy to put a community on a website, especially if you already have a standard template for layout. Just create a new community, choose if it has to be a chatboard or a forum and make the relation with the program, consert, newsitem, artist or CD or whatever the main subject of the Community is. More specific subjects and layout could be related to the channel. For example a chatboard of a musicprogram that has for every musicstyle a different channel with a different layout.


Wishes that are taken up in the design:


Tempory messages will be stored in memory, while other messages, like messages in a forum or that get recorded, will be stored in the object cloud. Messages that go in the object cloud will be deleted after there expire date unless they haven's yet scrolled out a Community or are part of a session.

A ModuleProcessor is used in between SCAN and the Community-, Channel- and Message-builders to override the list command.

A community can be related to one or more channels and messages are related to the channel in which they are posted. In case of a forum messages can be related to the message of who they are a reply. Futher chatters are related to the messages they have posted, the community they are a member of and to the channels with they are connected.