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Pierre van Rooden (project leader)

Patrick Pyette

Kees Jongenburger

Transactions 2.0

Transactions 2.0

This projects aims to improve the transaction and temporary node managers, the 'core' code that enables the use of transactional import.

Rather than extending the functionality of TCP, the goal is to improve the fundaments of transactions. Improving the transaction manager includes (in order of priority):

Depending on the input from the community and the progress of other projects, the project may also look into the use of 'multiple clouds' for the creation of separate workspaces, how to facilitate workflow, and the possibility of object 'versioning'.

Solutions to known bugs will be made available either in the MMBase release 1.4 (time allowing), or as a separate patch.
All other changes will be made available in a later release (to be determined).