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Michiel Meeuwissen (project leader)

Kees Jongenburger

Eduard Witteveen


file dtd voor mmxf XML type

Rich text project proposal
Demonstration of formatter tag.




An xml datatype will be added in the database layers. In the builder XML there is now possibility to change a datatype of an field to 'XML' from for example 'STRING'. The field will then only accept valid xml as input.
Validation of the xml can also be turned on by adding a doctype attribute to the builder xml.
To set a value of a xml-field, setStringValue() (or setValue(String)) has to be called. With the methods getXmlValue(String) and getXmlValue(String, Document), the xml can be requested.

Conversion of the xml can be used to convert 'normal' data to xml. The converter can be specified in the properties of the builder.xml, and it is possible to define a different conversion for every xml field there is in the builder. Conversion will start when the string in the field doesnt start with an '<'.
This way, it is possible to convert also old values in the database, into the new format.

We propose one XML datatype, namely 'mmxf'. The xml type (the 'mmxf') is stored as an attribute inside the builder xml

Other projects can of course propose and use other XML types.