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Nico Klasens (project leader)

Daniel Ockeloen

Multi Language

MMbase is relatively well internationalised to localize it to the country/language it runs in. This means that the parts of the system that are visible to the editor can be customized to the preferred language. Notice the use of the word editor, because most of the internationalised things in MMbase are in the editors environment. Examples of these parts are the prompts in the editwizards and the editor properties in the jsp-editors. The MMbase bridge has a locale in the cloud, but this only returns localized dates and GUI-names of the builder at the moment.
For more info about the current MMbase internationalisation see the documentation under the developers section.

This Multi Language project will focus on the end-user internationalisation of mmbase. It will localize the front-end to the language of the visitor. This includes re-usable words, but more importantly content. MMbase lacks support for multi language content at the moment.

Finalist IT Group made a multilingual solution on top of MMbase for a customer. This solution has shown some limitation when MMbase can only store content in one language.
Finalist IT Group proposed this project to deal with these issues in the MMbase system and make MMbase multilingual.

The project is now in the phase to research the ideas and solutions to make MMbase multilingual. This project will start with the implementation after the release of MMbase 1.7.

Request for information or ideas can be send to or

The leader of this project is: Nico Klassen / Robbrecht van Amerongen