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Packages that use FunctionProvider
org.mmbase.util.functions The function framework is all about the creation of Function instances, from which then, subsequently, function values can be acquired. 

Uses of FunctionProvider in org.mmbase.module

Subclasses of FunctionProvider in org.mmbase.module
 class Module
          An MMBase Module is an extension of this class, which is configured by an XML file in the <mmbase config dir>/modules directory.
 class ReloadableModule
          A Reloadable Module has a 'reload' method.
 class WatchedReloadableModule
          This Reloadable Module extension reloads its configuration and calls reload, automaticly if the module XML changes.

Uses of FunctionProvider in org.mmbase.util.functions

Subclasses of FunctionProvider in org.mmbase.util.functions
 class BeanFunctionProvider
 class ClassFunctionProvider
          Maintains all methods of a certain class as function objects (as long as they have unique names).
 class DescribedFunctionProvider
          A described function provider maintains a set of Function objects, and also contains functionality to add gui information to the provider itself.
 class FunctionSet
          The implementation of one set ('namespace') of functions.
 class PatternNodeFunctionProvider
          This Function provider creates function objects , which can create a String function based on a pattern.

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