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Packages that use MMTable The MMBase standard and optional builders. 
org.mmbase.module.core The core classes for MMBase. 
org.mmbase.module.corebuilders The MMBase core builders. Provides interfaces for retrieval of data from SearchQuery objects. 

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 class AbstractServletBuilder
          Some builders are associated with a servlet.
 class AnnotRel
 class DayMarkers
          Daymarkers are used to calculate the age of MMBase objects.
 class Dummy
          Deprecated. Simply use MMObjectBuilder. In the builder xml you can simply leave the <class> element away alltogether.
 class MMEvents
 class MMServers
 class Properties
          The properties builder can contain key/value pairs for any other node in MMBase.
 class Versions

Uses of MMTable in org.mmbase.module.core

Subclasses of MMTable in org.mmbase.module.core
 class ClusterBuilder
          The builder for clusternodes.
 class MMObjectBuilder
          This class is the base class for all builders.
 class VirtualBuilder
          VirtualBuilder is a builder which creates 'virtual' nodes.
 class VirtualReferrerBuilder

Uses of MMTable in org.mmbase.module.corebuilders

Subclasses of MMTable in org.mmbase.module.corebuilders
 class InsRel
          InsRel, the main relation object, holds relations, and methods to handle them.
 class OAlias
          The OAlias builder is an optional corebuilder used to associate aliases with nodes.
 class RelDef
          RelDef, one of the meta stucture nodes, is used to define the possible relation types.
 class TypeDef
          TypeDef is used to define the* object types (builders).
 class TypeRel
          TypeRel defines the allowed relations between two object types.
(package private) static class TypeRel.VirtualTypeRel
          Of course, virtual typerel nodes need a virtual typerel builder.

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 class ResultBuilder
          A ResultBuilder is a builder for ResultNodes, that represent the results of executing an arbitrary search query.

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Subclasses of MMTable in org.mmbase.util.functions
 class ExampleBuilder
          Example builder implementation implementing functions.

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