Class Community


public class Community
extends MMObjectBuilder

This builder implements additional functionality and methods to handle community objects. Added functionality involve opening and closing all channels related to this community, and expanding a URL obtained form the 'maps' builder with a community number (SCAN only).

28 May 2001
Dirk-Jan Hoekstra, Pierre van Rooden

Field Summary
static java.lang.String STR_CHATBOX
          Community type : chatbox
static java.lang.String STR_FORUM
          Community type : forum
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void closeAllChannels(MMObjectNode community)
          Closes all the channels of the community.
 java.lang.String getDefaultUrl(int src)
          Deprecated. There is no maps definition available in cvs. In addition, this method only produces SCAN-format urls.
 boolean init()
          Initializes the builder.
 void openAllChannels(MMObjectNode community)
          Opens all the channels that are connected to this community
 java.lang.String replace(scanpage sp, java.util.StringTokenizer tok)
          Handles the $MOD-MMBASE-BUILDER-community-commands.
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String STR_CHATBOX
Community type : chatbox


public static final java.lang.String STR_FORUM
Community type : forum
Constructor Detail


public Community()
Method Detail


public boolean init()
Initializes the builder. Retrieves associated builders.
init in class MMObjectBuilder
Always true.


public void openAllChannels(MMObjectNode community)
Opens all the channels that are connected to this community
community - The community node of which to open all the channels.


public void closeAllChannels(MMObjectNode community)
Closes all the channels of the community.
community - The community of which to close all the channels.


public java.lang.String replace(scanpage sp,
                                java.util.StringTokenizer tok)
Handles the $MOD-MMBASE-BUILDER-community-commands. Commands handled by this command are:
replace in class MMObjectBuilder
scanpage - the current page context
tok - the tokenized command
the empty string


public java.lang.String getDefaultUrl(int src)
Deprecated. There is no maps definition available in cvs. In addition, this method only produces SCAN-format urls.

Retrieves a URL from a related Map object, and append the community number to the URL. This requires the presence of a 'maps' builder, which should have a functional 'getDefaultURL' method.
getDefaultUrl in class MMObjectBuilder
src - The number of the community MMObjectNode.
the resulting URL, or null if not map-node was associated with this community.

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