Class People


public class People
extends MMObjectBuilder

10 Dec 2000
Daniel Ockeloen

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void flushCache(java.lang.String key)
          flush caches of the (cookie defined) user also signals the session module
 int getNumber(java.lang.String key)
          get the object number of this user based on the current user/cookie as defined by the key
 java.lang.String replace(scanpage sp, java.util.StringTokenizer tok)
          replace call, when called in format MMBASE-BUILDER-users-xxxxx
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Constructor Detail


public People()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String replace(scanpage sp,
                                java.util.StringTokenizer tok)
replace call, when called in format MMBASE-BUILDER-users-xxxxx
replace in class MMObjectBuilder
Following copied from class: org.mmbase.module.core.MMObjectBuilder
sp - The scanpage (containing http and user info) that calls the function
tok - a list of strings that describe the (sub)command to execute
the result value as a String


public int getNumber(java.lang.String key)
get the object number of this user based on the current user/cookie as defined by the key


public void flushCache(java.lang.String key)
flush caches of the (cookie defined) user also signals the session module

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