Interface Summary
VwmCallBackInterface Virtual Web Master Client interface.
VwmInterface Virtual Web Master interface.
VwmProbeInterface Virtual Web Master Probe interface.

Class Summary
aFile2Copy An object that holds information needed for the transfer of a file.
EncodeCop The EncodeCop vwm observes changes on a certain type of nodes and activates services by starting EncodeHandlers for that particular node.
EncodeHandler When an audiopart has to be ripped or when ripped audio has to be encoded, an EncodeHandler is created to control this process.
FileCopier A background process that starts file copy commands.
ImageMaster A VWM that manages image files by scheduling them to be send to one or more mirror sites.
ImagePusher A class used to schedule images for transfer.
PageMaster A VWM that manages the files by scheduling them to be send to one or more mirror sites.
PriorityURL Class PriorityURL
SCPcopy Performs a transfer of a file from the current server to a host.
UnixCopy Class UnixCopy
Vwm Virtual Web Master base object.
VwmProbe admin module, keeps track of all the worker pools and adds/kills workers if needed (depending on there load and info from the config module).

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