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public interface Transaction
extends Cloud

A transaction is an environment that allows for the editing of nodes within a 'safe' context. Either all edits in a transaction are comitted, or all fail. A transaction acts as a cloud. All that can be done in a cloud can be done in a transaction. For example a node retrieved using the transaction's getNode method resides in the transaction, if you change or remove the node, you can later roll it back by calling the transaction's cancel method.

$Id:,v 1.3 2002/01/31 10:05:09 pierre Exp $
Pierre van Rooden

Method Summary
 void cancel()
          Cancels this transaction.
 boolean commit()
          Commits this transaction.
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Method Detail


public boolean commit()
Commits this transaction. This has no effect if the transaction itself was 'nested' in another transaction. In that case, nothing happens until the 'outer' transaction commits. This routine also removes the transaction as an 'active' transaction (it cannot be opened again).

true if the commit succeeded, false otherwise


public void cancel()
Cancels this transaction. If the transaction itself was 'nested' in another transaction, that 'outer' transaction is also canceled. This routine also removes the transaction (and all outer transactions) as an 'active' transaction (it cannot be opened again).

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