Package org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib

The MMBase taglib implementation.


Interface Summary
CloudProvider Interface designed to make it possible for child tags to access a cloud (or transaction) defined in a tag
Condition Interface for 'condition' tags.
ContextProvider Abstract representation of a 'context' tag.
FieldProvider Interface designed to make it possible for child tags to access a field defined in a tag.
ListProvider Basic interface that parent should implement if they provide Lists.
NodeProvider Interface designed to make it possible for child tags to access a node defined in a tag
ParamHandler ParamHandlers can have the <mm:param> tag as subtag
TagIdentifier Interface designed to make it possible for child tags to access a parent tag using a String id
Writer Writer tag are tags which can write something to the page (or to something else).
WriterReferrer A Tag which (sometimes) needs to refer to a Writer can implement this interface.

Class Summary
AbstractNodeListTag AbstractNodeListTag, provides basic functionality for listing objects stored in MMBase
AbstractNodeProviderTag A base class for tags which provide a node.
AliasListTag This class makes a tag which can list the aliases of a Node.
CloudReferrerTag Tags which are meant to live as a child of the CloudTag, could extend this class.
CloudTag Creates a cloud object (pulling it from if session necessary).
CloudTEI The TEI class belonging to the CloudTag and descendents
ContentTag Provided environmental information to its body's tags.
ContextReferrerTag If you want to have attributes which obtain the value from a parameter or other context variable, or if you want to be able to refer to other tags, then your tag can extend from this one.
ContextTag A ContextTag is like parentheses, and as such can act as a 'namespace' (if it has an id) or as 'scope' (if it doesn't).
CountRelationsTag The CountRelationsTag can be used as a child of a 'NodeProvider' tag to show the number of relations the node has.
FieldInfoTag The FieldInfoTag can be used as a child of a 'FieldProvider' to provide info about the field or fieldtype.
FieldListTag This class makes a tag which can list the fields of a NodeManager.
FieldProviderTEI The TEI class for Field (type) Providers.
FieldReferrerTag A fieldreferrer tag is a tag which needs (or can use) a 'field' to operate on.
FieldTag The FieldTag can be used as a child of a 'NodeProvider' tag.
FormatterTag The formatter can reformat its body.
HasRelationsTag Whether current node has relations.
ImageTag Produces an url to the image servlet mapping.
ImportTag The importtag puts things in the context.
ImportTEI TEI class for the ImportTag.
IndexTag The index of current item of a list.
InfoTag Deprecated.  
IntegerWriterTEI A TEI class for Writer Tags that produce Integer jsp vars.
ListConditionTag This tag can be used inside the list tag.
ListNodesTag ListNodesTag, provides functionality for listing single nodes in MMBase
ListReferrerTag Tags that can be used inside a list tag.
ListRelationsTag ListRelationsTag, a tag around bridge.Node.getRelations.
ListTag ListTag, provides functionality for listing cluster nodes ('multilevel' search) in MMBase
LocaleTag Provides Locale (language, country) information to its body.
LocaleTEI TEI class for the Locale tag.
NodeFieldTag This is a field tag that does not need a Node tag around it, because it does provide the attribute 'number' itself.
NodeInfoTag Lives under a nodeprovider.
NodeProviderTEI The TEI class for NodeProviders.
NodeReferrerTag A tag which is a 'NodeReferrerTag's can be the child of a NodeProvider tag, which supplies a 'Node' to its child tags.
NodeTag NodeTag provides the fields of a node
ParamTag Adds an extra parameter to the parent URL tag.
RelatedNodesTag RelatedNodesTag, provides functionality for listing single related nodes in MMBase
RelatedNodeTag Needs to live under a ListRelationsTag
RemoveItemTag Removes the current item from the list.
RemoveTag Remove an object from the Context.
SizeTag The size of a list or of a nodelistcontainer (then the query is consulted).
StringListTag This class makes a tag which can list strings.
StringWriterTEI A TEI class for Writer Tags that (on default) produce String jsp vars.
TimeTag The time taglib provides you easy functionality for using times in your web pages.
UnRelatedNodesTag Like listnodes tag, but is is also a node-referrer, and substracts the related nodes of the referred node.
WriterHelper Tags that are Writers can use the this class.
WriterTEI Writer tags can also produce a jsp variable, for use in the body.
WriteTag The writetag can take a variable from the context and put it in a jsp variable, or write it to the page.
XsltTag Has to live in a formatter tag, and can provide inline XSLT to it.

Exception Summary
TaglibException This exception gets thrown when something goes wrong in the MMBase-taglib.

Package org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib Description

The MMBase taglib implementation. A taglib is a JSP extension (at least very much associated with JSP). The documenation of the taglib itself can be found in the generated file 'mmbase-taglib.html'.

The taglib be used to 'script' MMBase and is based on the MMBase bridge interface.

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