Package org.mmbase.bridge

The main interface to MMBase, also known as `MMCI' (MMBase Cloud Interface).


Interface Summary
BridgeList A list of nodes
Cloud A Cloud is a collection of Nodes (and relations that are also nodes).
CloudContext The collection of clouds and modules within a Java Virtual Machine.
Field This interface represents a node's field type information object.
FieldIterator A list of nodes
FieldList A list of field types
FieldValue This interface represents a value stored in a node.
Module Modules are pieces of functionality that are not MMBase objects.
ModuleIterator A list of nodes
ModuleList A list of modules
Node Describes an object in the cloud.
NodeIterator A list of nodes
NodeList A list of nodes
NodeManager This interface represents a node's type information object - what used to be the 'builder'.
NodeManagerIterator A list of nodes
NodeManagerList A list of node managers
NodeQuery A Node-Query is a query that queries node-lists, in contradiction to a normal Query which can query 'cluster nodes' and even more generally 'result nodes' too.
Query Representation of a (database) query.
Relation A relation within the cloud.
RelationIterator A list of nodes
RelationList A list of Relations
RelationManager This interface represents a relation constraint (or contex, if you like).
RelationManagerIterator A list of nodes
RelationManagerList A list of Relation Managers
StringIterator An iterator for a list of strings
StringList A list of Strings
Transaction A transaction is an environment that allows for the editing of nodes within a 'safe' context.
User This User interface defines the storage for the authentication and authorization, so that information can be shared.

Class Summary
ContextProvider Main class to aquire CloudContexts
LocalContext The collection of clouds, and modules within a Java Virtual Machine.

Exception Summary
AlreadyExistsException This exception gets thrown when an attempt is made to create a transaction with a name that already exists
BridgeException This exception gets thrown when something goes wrong on the MMCI.
NotFoundException This exception gets thrown when an object is not found in the bridge.

Package org.mmbase.bridge Description

The main interface to MMBase, also known as `MMCI' (MMBase Cloud Interface). One of the core interfaces of this package is indeed `Cloud', which gives direct access to MMBase data.

Script languages can access MMBase in this way. JSP can e.g. do this rather directly, or a little less directly by use of the MMBase Taglib.

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