Package org.mmbase.module.corebuilders

The MMBase core builders.


Class Summary
FieldDefs One of the core objects.
InsRel InsRel, the main relation object, holds relations, and methods to handle them.
OAlias The OAlias builder is an optional corebuilder used to associate aliases with nodes.
ObjectTypes This builder is the same as TypeDef, only it has an adittion field, which is the config field.
RelDef RelDef ,one of the meta stucture nodes, is used to define the possible relation types.
TypeDef TypeDef, one of the meta stucture nodes it is used to define the object types (builders)
TypeRel TypeRel defines the allowed relations between two object types.

Package org.mmbase.module.corebuilders Description

The MMBase core builders.

The classes in this package are extensions of MMObjectBuilder that implement essential functionality for MMBase. The builders are directly instantiated by MMBase and are (with the exception of OALias) mandatory.

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