Class ResultBuilder

  extended byorg.mmbase.module.core.MMTable
      extended byorg.mmbase.module.core.MMObjectBuilder
          extended byorg.mmbase.module.core.VirtualBuilder

public class ResultBuilder
extends VirtualBuilder

A ResultBuilder is a builder for ResultNodes, that represent the results of executing an arbitrary search query.

This builder contains info on the fields of the resultnodes.

$Id:,v 1.5 2003/09/02 19:56:52 michiel Exp $
Rob van Maris

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.module.core.MMObjectBuilder
AGE_PARAMETERS, broadcastChanges, database, DEFAULT_ALINEA, DEFAULT_EOL, description, descriptions, fields, GUI_PARAMETERS, listCache, nodeCache, OBJ2TYPE_MAX_SIZE, oType, REPLACE_CACHE, searchAge, sortedDBLayout, TEMPNODE_DEFAULT_SIZE, TemporaryNodes, virtual
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.module.core.MMTable
mmb, tableName
Constructor Summary
ResultBuilder(MMBase mmbase, SearchQuery query)
Method Summary
 int getDBType(java.lang.String fieldName)
          Return a field's database type.
 MMObjectNode getNewNode(java.lang.String owner)
          Get a new node, using this builder as its parent.
Methods inherited from class org.mmbase.module.core.VirtualBuilder
create, getDBState, getGUIInicator, getShortedByte, getShortedText, init, insert, processSearchResults
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addField, addLocalObserver, addRemoteObserver, buildSet, checkAddTmpField, commit, convertMMNode2SQL, count, count, createAlias, delete, deleteNodeCache, drop, equals, equals, executeFunction, executeFunction, fieldLocalChanged, getAge, getAliasedNode, getAncestors, getCacheNumbers, getCacheSize, getCacheSize, getClassName, getConfigFile, getDBByte, getDBKey, getDBText, getDefaultTeaser, getDefaultUrl, getDescendants, getDescription, getDescription, getDescriptions, getEditFields, getField, getFieldNames, getFields, getFields, getFunctionParameters, getGUIIndicator, getGUIIndicator, getHardNode, getHardNode, getHTML, getInitParameter, getInitParameters, getList, getLocaleGUIIndicator, getLocaleGUIIndicator, getMachineName, getMaintainer, getMMBase, getNewTmpNode, getNextField, getNextField, getNode, getNode, getNode, getNode, getNodes, getNodes, getNodeType, getNumberFromName, getObjectType, getObjectValue, getParameterDefinition, getParentBuilder, getPluralName, getPluralName, getPluralNames, getQuery, getQuery, getQuery, getRawNodes, getRelations_main, getSearchAge, getShort, getSingularName, getSingularName, getSingularNames, getSmartPath, getSortedFields, getSortedListFields, getTmpNode, getURLEncode, getValue, getVersion, getWAP, getXMLPath, hashCode, hostname_function, insert, insertDone, isExtensionOf, isNodeCached, isVirtual, nodeLocalChanged, nodeRemoteChanged, preCommit, preEdit, process, putTmpNode, readSearchResults, removeField, removeNode, removeRelations, removeSyncNodes, removeTmpNode, replace, safeCache, safeCommit, safeInsert, search, search, search, searchIn, searchIn, searchIn, searchList, searchList, searchNumbers, searchVector, searchVector, searchVector, searchVector, searchVectorIn, searchVectorIn, searchVectorIn, searchVectorIn, searchWithWhere, sendFieldChangeSignal, setDBLayout_xml, setDefaults, setDescription, setDescriptions, setInitParameter, setMaintainer, setMMBase, setParentBuilder, setPluralNames, setSearchAge, setSingularNames, setTableName, setUniqueValue, setUniqueValue, setValue, setValue, setVersion, setXMLPath, setXMLValues, signalNewObject, testValidData, toString, toString, toXML, updateFields, waitUntilNodeChanged, wrap
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created, getFullTableName, getTableName, size
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Constructor Detail


public ResultBuilder(MMBase mmbase,
                     SearchQuery query)
Creator. Creates new ResultBuilder instance, used to represent the results of executing a search query.

mmbase - MMBase instance.
query - The search query that defines the search.
Method Detail


public int getDBType(java.lang.String fieldName)
Description copied from class: MMObjectBuilder
Return a field's database type. The returned value is one of the following values declared in FieldDefs: TYPE_STRING, TYPE_INTEGER, TYPE_BYTE, TYPE_FLOAT, TYPE_DOUBLE, TYPE_LONG, TYPE_NODE, TYPE_UNKNOWN

getDBType in class MMObjectBuilder
the field's type.


public MMObjectNode getNewNode(java.lang.String owner)
Description copied from class: VirtualBuilder
Get a new node, using this builder as its parent. The new node is a virtual node.

getNewNode in class VirtualBuilder
owner - The administrator creating the new node.
A newly initialized VirtualNode.

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