URL composers contain the information to create an URL.


Class Summary
Config Some url-composers need to know where templates are.
FragmentURLComposer A Fragment URLComposer is an URLComposer which can also use information about the Fragment in the URL.
MarkupURLComposer Produces links to (jsp) templates which can present a media fragment.
RamURLComposer Provides the functionality to create URL's (or URI's) for a certain fragment, source, provider combination.
RealURLComposer A RealURLComposer is an URLComposer which can produce URL's to RM/RA streams.
URLComposer URLComposer is a wrapper/container class around an URL.
URLComposerFactory The URLComposerFactory contains the code to decide which kind of URLComposer is instatiated.

Package Description

URL composers contain the information to create an URL.

Most classes in the package extend from URLComposer which provides default functionality itself for this task.

The one exception is URLComposerFactory, which implmentates the decision which URLComposer to instantiate.

The other one is 'Config' which takes care of installation configuration (e.g. about where some templates are installed).


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