Class ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction

  extended byorg.mmbase.util.functions.AbstractFunction
      extended byorg.mmbase.module.ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable, Function, Serializable
Enclosing class:

protected class ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction
extends AbstractFunction

Function implementation around ProcessorModule.process(PageInfo, Hashtable, Hashtable). See in MMAdmin for an example on how to use. It does not support multipible commands, so the first Hashtable always contains precisely one entry. The value of the entry is the value of the first string parameter or the empty string. All parameters are added to the second Hashtable parameter ('vars'), and this is also returned (because sometimes also results are put in it).

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.util.functions.AbstractFunction
name, returnType
Constructor Summary
ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction(String name, Parameter[] params)
Method Summary
 Object getFunctionValue(Parameters arguments)
          Executes the defined function supplying the given arguments.
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compareTo, createParameters, equals, getDescription, getFunctionValueWithList, getName, getParameterDefinition, getReturnType, hashCode, setDescription, setParameterDefinition, setReturnType, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction(String name,
                                       Parameter[] params)
Method Detail


public Object getFunctionValue(Parameters arguments)
Description copied from class: AbstractFunction
Executes the defined function supplying the given arguments.

Specified by:
getFunctionValue in interface Function
Specified by:
getFunctionValue in class AbstractFunction
arguments - The parameters for the function. To specify an empty parameter list use Parameters.VOID. Implementors are encouraged to support null too.
The function value, which can be of any type compatible to AbstractFunction.getReturnType()
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