Package org.mmbase.module.core

The core classes for MMBase.


Interface Summary
MMBaseObserver Deprecated. Use NodeEventListener

Class Summary
ByteFieldContainer Deprecated.  
ClusterBuilder The builder for clusternodes.
ClusterNode ClusterNode combines fields of different nodes in a single "virtual" node.
MMBase The module which provides access to the MMBase storage defined by the provided name/setup.
MMBaseContext Using MMBaseContext class you can retrieve the servletContext from anywhere using the get method.
MMContainerCompare Class to compare two MMObjectNodes, used by SortedVector.
MMObjectBuilder This class is the base class for all builders.
MMObjectCompare MMObjectNodeCompare can me used as a compare function in Sortable objects from org.mmbase.util (hitlisted)
MMObjectDCompare Deprecated. This nearly duplicates MMObjectCompare.
MMObjectNode MMObjectNode is the core of the MMBase system.
MMTable MMTable is the base abstraction of a cloud of objects stored in one database table, essentially a cloud of objects of the same type.
VirtualBuilder VirtualBuilder is a builder which creates 'virtual' nodes.
VirtualNode VirtualNode is a representation of a virtual objectnode.
VirtualReferrerBuilder VirtualBuilder is a builder which creates 'virtual' nodes.

Exception Summary
BuilderConfigurationException Builder configuration exception.
CircularReferenceException Circular reference exception.
InvalidDataException This exception gets thrown when a node contains invalid data.
TransactionManagerException This Exception is thrown when something goes wrong the MMBase transaction manager.

Package org.mmbase.module.core Description

The core classes for MMBase. These classes define core functionality and the building stones of the MMBase cloud.

The main classes defined here are MMBase, which is module that loads and initializes the MMBase cloud, MMObjectBuilder, which represents collections of objects of a specific type, and MMObjectNode, which represents individual objects in the cloud.

Other classes define code for handling inter-server-communication, virtual and temporary objects, transaction handling, and MMbaseObservers - classdes that 'observe' and react to events in MMBase.fc

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