Package org.mmbase.module

The modules used to load MMBase and optional MMBase functionality.


Interface Summary
PlaylistsInterface Deprecated. this interface is not implemented or referenced
ProcessorInterface Deprecated.  

Class Summary
LinkChecker The linkChecker module detects broken urls in the urls builder and the jumpers builder.
Module An MMBase Module is an extension of this class, which is configured by an XML in the <mmbase config dir >/modules directory.
ModuleProbe ModuleProbe is a deamon thread that periodically calls the maintenance() method of the modules active in MMBase.
ProcessorModule The Processor Module extends the basic module to the Processor interface so it can perform for servscan (pagelets).
ReloadableModule A Reloadable Module has a 'reload' method.
WatchedReloadableModule This Reloadable Module extension reloads its configuration and calls reload, automaticly if the module XML changes.
XSLConvert XSL conversion module Right now, only the replace() method is defined.

Package org.mmbase.module Description

The modules used to load MMBase and optional MMBase functionality.

The classes in this package consist of a number of base classes that define the module structure. Module and ProcessorModule define basic module functionality, while ModuleProbe can be used to trigger periodic maintenance.

The remaining classes are specific implementations of the Module. These modules can be used to add fucntionality to MMBase. This includes support modules for the scripting language SCAN, and modules for caching, email, communication, statistics, polls, user and session maintenance and transactions ('TCP').

Note that a number of essential modules, in particular MMBase, MMAdmin and JDBC, are located in their own packages.

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