The security infrastructure of MMBase.


Interface Summary
AuthenticationData This interface represents information about the authentication implemtentation.
UserContext This User interface defines the storage for the authentication and authorization, so that information can be shared.

Class Summary
Authentication This class is a abstract implementation of the Authentication.
Authorization The abstract implementation of the Authorization.
Authorization.QueryCheck Defines the result of a security check on a query.
BasicUser A UserContext object is the result of an authentication, on which authorization can be based.
Configurable Both Authorization and Authentication are configurable.
MMBaseCop This class is the main class of the security system.
MMBaseCopConfig This class is the main class of the security system.
NoAuthentication This class is used when no authentication is configured.
NoAuthorization This class is used when no authorization is configured.
Operation This class is somekinda enumeration of the operations possible within the security context
Rank This class defines Rank objects which are used in security implementation.

Exception Summary
SecurityException Thrown by the security classes to indicate a security violation/malfunction.
UnknownAuthenticationMethodException Thrown by the security authentication implementation to indicate an unknown login authentication 'method/application'.

Package Description

The security infrastructure of MMBase. MMBase has a pluggable security system, which is currently called from within the bridge implementation. The core of this setup are the abstract classes `Authorization' and `Authentication', which are connected with 'UserContext' implementations.

There are several interesting security implementations available in a standard MMBase installation, but you can always implement your own. The implementations can be found in subpackages of org.mmbase.bridge.implementation.

See Also:
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