Interface Transformer

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All Known Subinterfaces:
ByteToCharTransformer, ByteTransformer, CharTransformer, ConfigurableTransformer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCommandStringTransformer, Base64, ByteArrayToCharTransformer, ByteCharTransformer, ChainedCharTransformer, ChecksumFactory.ChecksumTransformer, ChunkedTransformer, ConfigurableReaderTransformer, ConfigurableStringTransformer, CopyCharTransformer, CP1252Surrogator, Figlet, Identifier, InverseCharTransformer, Javascript, Latin3Surrogator, LowerCaser, MD5, Perl, ReaderTransformer, Rot13, Rot5, Sitestat, Smilies, SpaceReducer, SpaceRemover, SpaceSwallower, Sql, StringTransformer, Swallower, TabToSpacesTransformer, Trimmer, UnicodeEscaper, UpperCaser, Url, Xml, XmlEntities, XmlField

public interface Transformer
extends Serializable

Interface for transformations. Actually, since there are so many types of transformers (byte/byte, char/char, char/byte), nothing can be pointed out to be typical for Transformers. This interface ended up a bit emptier than I anticipated. A Transformer must be serializable, because it is exposed through bridge (as 'processors').

Michiel Meeuwissen

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 String toString()

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public String toString()

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