Package org.mmbase.util.transformers

`Tranformers' define tranformations of Strings, byte arrays and streams.


Interface Summary
ByteToCharTransformer Interface for transformations.
ByteTransformer Interface for transformations.
CharTransformer Interface for transformations.
ConfigurableTransformer Interface for transformations.
ParameterizedTransformerFactory ParameterizedTransformerFactories, can create Transformer instances, but can do that 'parameterized'.
Transformer Interface for transformations.

Class Summary
AbstractCommandStringTransformer If you want to transform a Reader stream by the use of an external command, than you can extend this class.
Base64 Uses the sun.misc classes to do BASE64 encoding and decoding.
ByteArrayToCharTransformer You need only to implement transform(byte[]) you have the simplest kind of transformer (which is not 'streamable').
ByteCharTransformer A CharTransformer which wraps a ByteToCharTransformer.
Censor Replaces certain 'forbidden' words by something more decent.
ChainedCharTransformer A CharTransformer which wraps N other CharTransformers, and links them with N - 1 new Threads, effectively working as a 'chained' transformer.
CharTransformerLink A Runnable implementation to perform a CharTransform between a Reader and a Writer.
ChecksumFactory Creates ByteToCharTransformers, creating a 'checksum' string of a byte-arrays.
ChunkedTransformer A chunked transformer is a transformer that transforms on a 'chunk by chunk' base.
CodeSampleFactory This TransformerFactory enables the use of two different escapers in one piece of text.
Config Describes what encoding is configured.
ConfigurableReaderTransformer Some Transformers implement more than one transformation.
ConfigurableStringTransformer Some Transformers implement more than one transformation.
CopyCharTransformer This is the character transformer which does not actually transform anything, it just copies the reader to the writer.
CP1252Surrogator Surrogates the Windows CP1252 characters which are not valid ISO-8859-1.
Figlet An escaper based on the amusing 'figlet' tool, which is available on some system.
GoogleHighlighterFactory An example for parameterized transformers.
Identifier Transforms strings to identifiers, replacing punctuation and whitespace with underscores.
InverseCharTransformer Turns a Transformer around.
Javascript Encodings related Javascript It can escape single quotes, by replacing them by \\', as is needed in document.write actions.
Latin3Surrogator The ISO-8859-3 ('South European') unibyte encoding is used for languages like maltese and esperanto.
LinkFinder Finds links in the Character String, and makes them 'clickable' for HTML (using a-tags).
LowerCaser Transforms to lowercase
MD5 Do MD5 encoding.
Perl And yet another rather idiotic type of Transformer.
ReaderTransformer You need only to implement transform(Reader, Writer) you have the simplest kind of tranformer (which is 'streamable').
RegexpReplacer Finds regexps in the Character String, and replaces them.
RegexpReplacerFactory Factories new instances of extensions of RegexpReplacer, for which the replace patterns are parameterized (using the 'patterns' parameter).
ResourceBundleReplacerFactory Factories new chartransformer based on ResourceBundle.
RomanTransformer Static utilities to deal with roman numbers, and non static functions to transform strings representing decimal numbers to roman numbers and back.
Rot13 Rot13 implementation.
Rot5 Rot5 implementation.
Sitestat Transforms the input to the characters which are alowed in Sitestat keys for page statistics, being: "A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - .
SpaceReducer Replace 1 or more spaces by 1 space, and 1 or more newlines by 1 newline.
SpaceRemover Replace 1 or white space by 1 space, and all spaces on the begin and end.
SpaceSwallower Swallows all spaces.
Sql Encodings related to Sql.
StringTransformer You need only to implement transform(String) you have the simplest kind of tranformer (which is not 'streamable').
SubstringFactory Factories CharTransformer's which mirror the input, but only between 'from' and 'to' parameters.
Swallower This tranformer is the equivalent of piping to /dev/null
TabToSpacesTransformer Replace every tab by n spaces.
Transformers Utitilies related to the tranformers of this package.
TransformingReader A Filtering Reader based on CharTransformers.
TransformingWriter A Filtering Writer based on CharTransformers.
Trimmer Trims leading and trailing white space.
UnicodeEscaper To escape from and to 'java' like unicode escaping.
UpperCaser A 'hello world' for CharTransformers.
Url Encodings related to URL's.
WordWrapperFactory Word wrapping as a transformer factory.
Xml Transformations related to escaping in XML.
XmlEntities Any non-ASCII character will be replaced by an XML-entity.
XmlField XMLFields in MMBase.

Exception Summary
UnknownCodingException Class UnknownCodingException

Package org.mmbase.util.transformers Description

`Tranformers' define tranformations of Strings, byte arrays and streams.

Transformers are devided in three species. CharTransformers which transform some String to another String (or Reader to a Writer). Then there are transformation which take a byte array (or an InputStream) and transform that to a String (or a Writer), these are called ByteToCharTransformers. And the last type are are the ByteTranformers, which tranform a byte array to another byte array (or an InputStream to an OutputStream).

All Transformers can be specialized to 'ConfigurableTransformers'.

Several Abstract implemenations are present too. E.g. the 'ReaderTransformer' is nearly a complete CharTransformer, only the function wich pipes a Reader to a Writer is abstract. StringTranformer is a CharTransformer which' only abstract function is the one taking a String argument.

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