Class SortRelationAction

  extended by org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.Action
      extended by org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractNodeAction
          extended by org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractRelationAction
              extended by org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.SortRelationAction

public class SortRelationAction
extends AbstractRelationAction

FIXME: voor deze actie is het niet direct nodig om een source en destination node the hebben?

Ernst Bunders

Field Summary
static String DIRECTION_DOWN
static String DIRECTION_UP
static Logger log
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractRelationAction
destinationNode, destinationNodeNumber, destinationNodeRef, relationManager, relationValues, role, searchDir, sourceNode, sourceNodeNumber, sourceNodeRef
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractNodeAction
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void createCacheFlushHints()
          This template method is called when the node to edit is changed.
protected  Node createRelation(Transaction transaction, Map<String,Node> idMap, HttpServletRequest request)
          Try to find the relation node that is of type given by the role field, and exists between the source and destination node.
 String getDirection()
 String getSortField()
protected  void processNode(Transaction transaction)
          Here we do the actual sorting.
 void setDirection(String direction)
 void setSortField(String sortField)
Methods inherited from class org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractRelationAction
createNode, getDestinationNodeNumber, getDestinationNodeRef, getRelationValues, getRole, getSearchDir, getSourceNodeNumber, getSourceNodeRef, putValues, resolveNode, resolveSourceAndDestination, setDestinationNodeNumber, setDestinationNodeRef, setRelationValues, setRole, setSearchDir, setSourceNodeNumber, setSourceNodeRef
Methods inherited from class org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.action.AbstractNodeAction
addCachFlushHint, addFieldError, addFieldError, addFieldErrorTypeMessage, addFieldErrorTypeMessage, addFieldErrorTypeValue, addGlobalError, addGlobalError, addGlobalError, addNodeParam, addParam, getDateFields, getFields, getFile, getId, getLocale, getNode, hasChanged, hasErrors, isNodeNullIllegal, mayCreate, mayDelete, mayWrite, process, setChanged, setDateFields, setFields, setFile, setHtmlField, setId, setSecurityContext, shouldProcess, toString
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static final String DIRECTION_UP
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Constant Field Values


public static final String DIRECTION_DOWN
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Constant Field Values


public static final Logger log
Constructor Detail


public SortRelationAction()
Method Detail


protected void createCacheFlushHints()
Description copied from class: AbstractNodeAction
This template method is called when the node to edit is changed. custom cachflush hints can be set here. This class dous not know if the current node is updated or created, so it dousn't know what kind of events to create.

Specified by:
createCacheFlushHints in class AbstractNodeAction


protected Node createRelation(Transaction transaction,
                              Map<String,Node> idMap,
                              HttpServletRequest request)
Try to find the relation node that is of type given by the role field, and exists between the source and destination node.

Specified by:
createRelation in class AbstractRelationAction


protected void processNode(Transaction transaction)
Here we do the actual sorting.

processNode in class AbstractNodeAction


public String getDirection()


public void setDirection(String direction)


public String getSortField()


public void setSortField(String sortField)

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