Package org.mmbase.applications.vprowizards.spring.cache

Interface Summary
CacheNameResolver This interface expresses the concept that the name(s) of cache keys that need to be flushed can be coded and need to be processed before the cache(s) can be flushed.
OSCacheNameResolver The purpose of this interface is to resolve identifiers for oscache groups and cache keys into real group or key names.

Class Summary
BasicCacheHandlerInterceptor This is a cache handler intercepter that implements support for all types of cache flush hints.
BasicOSCacheNameResolver This basic flushname resolver uses the FlushNameTemplateBean to clear the templates out of the flushnames.
CacheFlushHint FIXME: why is there no indicator for the type of mutation (add:update:delete)? TODO: create an enum for the types
FlushNameTemplateBean This bean is used in the templates of the vpro-wizards.
OSCacheHandlerInterceptor Dit is een simpele oscache implementatie die op basis van de 'flush' en 'flushname' Een of meerdere oscache groepen flushet.
OSCacheWrapper this wraps an oscache instance.
TokenizerCacheNameResolver This class has a no-arg constructor so you can use it as a bean.

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