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Packages that use BridgeList
org.mmbase.bridge The main interface to MMBase, also known as `MMCI' (MMBase Cloud Interface). 
org.mmbase.bridge.implementation This package provides the basic implementations for the interfaces of org.mmbase.bridge. 
org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib The MMBase taglib implementation. 
org.mmbase.bridge.util This package contains several bridge related classes which can be used independently of the rest of MMBase. 

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge

Subinterfaces of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge
 interface FieldList
          A list of field types Not that since MMBase-1.9/Java 1.5 this list simply impelments BridgeList<Field>.
 interface ModuleList
          A list of modules
 interface NodeList
          A list of nodes
 interface NodeManagerList
          A list of node managers
 interface RelationList
          A list of Relations
 interface RelationManagerList
          A list of Relation Managers
 interface StringList
          A list of Strings

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<E> BridgeList.subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex)

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge.implementation

Classes in org.mmbase.bridge.implementation that implement BridgeList
 class AbstractNodeList<E extends Node>
          An abstract BasicList implementation which overrided AbstractNodeList.convert(java.lang.Object) to make sure the list contains Nodes.
 class BasicFieldList
          A list of fields
 class BasicList<E extends Comparable<? super E>>
          A list of objects.
 class BasicModuleList
          A list of Modules
 class BasicNodeList
          A list of nodes
 class BasicNodeManagerList
          A list of node managers
 class BasicRelationList
          A list of relations
 class BasicRelationManagerList
          A list of relation managers
 class BasicStringList
          A list of Strings
 class SimpleNodeList
          A list of nodes

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.implementation that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<E> BasicList.subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex)

Constructors in org.mmbase.bridge.implementation with parameters of type BridgeList
BasicList(BridgeList<? extends E> b)

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib

Fields in org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib declared as BridgeList
(package private)  BridgeList<Node> AbstractNodeListTag.NodesAndTrim.nodeList
protected  BridgeList<Node> NodeListHelper.returnList

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<Node> NodeListHelper.getReturnList()
protected  BridgeList<Node> AbstractNodeListTag.getReturnList()

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.jsp.taglib with parameters of type BridgeList
protected  Cloud NodeListHelper.getCloud(BridgeList<Node> nodes, Cloud cloud)
protected  String NodeListHelper.getFirstOrderedField(BridgeList<Node> returnList, NodeManager nextNodeManager)
          The first ordered field is used to determin the 'changed' status of a Node in a NodeList.
protected  int AbstractNodeListTag.setReturnValues(BridgeList<Node> nodes)
          Creates the node iterator and sets appropriate variables (such as listsize) from a passed node list.
 int NodeListHelper.setReturnValues(BridgeList<Node> nodes, boolean trim)
protected  int AbstractNodeListTag.setReturnValues(BridgeList<Node> nodes, boolean trim)
          Creates the node iterator and sets appropriate variables (such as listsize).

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.proxy

Classes in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.proxy that implement BridgeList
 class RemoteBridgeList_Proxy<L extends Comparable<? super L>,E>

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.proxy that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<L> RemoteBridgeList_Proxy.subList(int arg0, int arg1)

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.rmi

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.rmi that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<L> RemoteBridgeList_Rmi.getOriginalObject()

Constructors in org.mmbase.bridge.remote.rmi with parameters of type BridgeList
RemoteBridgeList_Rmi(BridgeList<L> originalObject)

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.bridge.util

Classes in org.mmbase.bridge.util that implement BridgeList
 class AbstractBridgeList<E extends Comparable<? super E>>
          As AbstractList, but implements some extra methods required by BridgeList
 class AbstractCollectionNodeList<E extends Node>
          An AbstractCollectionNodeList implements a BridgeList of Nodes, based on a collection of objects of perhaps other type, which are implicitely AbstractCollectionNodeList.convert(java.lang.Object, int)ed when necessary.
 class AbstractSequentialBridgeList<E extends Comparable<? super E>>
          As AbstractSequentialList, but implements some extra methods required by BridgeList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyBridgeList<E>
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyModuleList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyNodeList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyNodeManagerList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyRelationList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyRelationManagerList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.EmptyStringList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableBridgeList<E>
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableNodeList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableNodeManagerList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableRelationList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableRelationManagerList
(package private) static class BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableStringList
 class CollectionNodeList
          A (fixed-size) list of nodes, based on a Collection of Nodes.
 class CollectionRelationList
          A list of Relations, based on a Collection of Nodes
 class GrowingTreeList
          This version of TreeList is automaticly growing with the same 'branch' every time when that is possible.
 class TreeList
          Queries a Tree from MMBase.

Fields in org.mmbase.bridge.util declared as BridgeList
(package private)  BridgeList<E> BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableBridgeList.parent

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.util that return BridgeList
 BridgeList<E> BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableBridgeList.subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex)
 BridgeList<E> BridgeCollections.EmptyBridgeList.subList(int fromIndex, int toIndex)
abstract  BridgeList<E> AbstractSequentialBridgeList.subList(int a, int b)
abstract  BridgeList<E> AbstractBridgeList.subList(int f, int t)
<E> BridgeList<E>
BridgeCollections.unmodifiableBridgeList(BridgeList<E> bridgeList)
          Makes a BridgeList unmodifiable.

Methods in org.mmbase.bridge.util with parameters of type BridgeList
<E> BridgeList<E>
BridgeCollections.unmodifiableBridgeList(BridgeList<E> bridgeList)
          Makes a BridgeList unmodifiable.

Constructors in org.mmbase.bridge.util with parameters of type BridgeList
BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableBridgeList(BridgeList<E> c)
BridgeCollections.UnmodifiableBridgeList(List<E> c, BridgeList<E> parent)

Uses of BridgeList in org.mmbase.util

Classes in org.mmbase.util that implement BridgeList
static class BridgeCaster.NodeListWrapper

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