Package org.mmbase.bridge.implementation

This package provides the basic implementations for the interfaces of org.mmbase.bridge.


Class Summary
AbstractNodeList<E extends Node> An abstract BasicList implementation which overrided AbstractNodeList.convert(java.lang.Object) to make sure the list contains Nodes.
BasicCloud Basic implementation of Cloud.
BasicCloudContext This is the base class for LocalContext (which is probably its only descendant).
BasicFieldList A list of fields
BasicFieldValue This is the basic implementation of the Field Value interface.
BasicFunctionValue This implementation of the Field Value interface is used by Node.getFunctionValue(java.lang.String, java.util.List) of Node.
BasicList<E extends Comparable<? super E>> A list of objects.
BasicModuleList A list of Modules
BasicNode Basic implementation of Node.
BasicNodeList A list of nodes
BasicNodeManager This class represents a node's type information object - what used to be the 'builder'.
BasicNodeManagerList A list of node managers
BasicNodeQuery 'Basic' implementation of bridge NodeQuery.
BasicQuery 'Basic' implementation of bridge Query.
BasicRelationList A list of relations
BasicRelationManagerList A list of relation managers
BasicStringList A list of Strings
BasicTransaction The basic implementation for a Transaction cLoud.
ModuleHandler ModuleHandler Creates a framework for calling modules.
SimpleNodeList A list of nodes
VirtualNode Implementation of Node.
VirtualNodeManager This class represents a virtual node type information object.

Package org.mmbase.bridge.implementation Description

This package provides the basic implementations for the interfaces of org.mmbase.bridge.

If you are programming with MMBase bridge, you don't have to be aware of even the existance of the classes in this package. You can however freely use classes in the package org.mmbase.bridge.util.

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