Class Upload

  extended by org.mmbase.util.functions.FunctionProvider
      extended by org.mmbase.util.functions.DescribedFunctionProvider
          extended by org.mmbase.module.Module
              extended by org.mmbase.module.ProcessorModule
                  extended by org.mmbase.module.Upload
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Upload
extends ProcessorModule

the Upload module stores files that are uploaded. At this time files van only be stored in memory. nog wat uitleg over hoe je de .shtml maakt

Nested Class Summary
(package private)  class Upload.FileInfo
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.mmbase.module.ProcessorModule
ProcessorModule.GetNodeListFunction, ProcessorModule.ProcessFunction, ProcessorModule.ReplaceFunction
Field Summary
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Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.module.Module
configurationPath, getMaintainerFunction, getVersionFunction, properties, STATE_START_TIME
Fields inherited from class org.mmbase.util.functions.DescribedFunctionProvider
description, guiName, name
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functions, getFunctions
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void deleteFile(String filename)
          deletes an uploaded file.
 byte[] getFile(String filename)
          gets the bytearray of an uploaded file.
 void init()
          Initializes the module.
 boolean process(scanpage sp, Hashtable cmds, Hashtable vars)
          handle the uploaded bytestream.
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getList, getListBuilder, getNodeList, onload, process, reload, replace, replace, unload
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addInitParameters, checkModules, getInitParameter, getInitParameter, getInitParameter, getInitParameters, getInitParameters, getMaintainer, getModule, getModule, getModule, getModule, getModuleInfo, getModuleLoader, getModuleReader, getModuleReader, getModules, getState, getStates, getVersion, hasModule, hasStarted, loadInitParameters, loadInitParameters, maintainance, setInitParameter, setMaintainer, setState, setVersion, shutdown, shutdownModules, startModule, startModules
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getDefaultLocale, getDescription, getDescription, getGUIName, getGUIName, getLocalizedDescription, getLocalizedGUIName, getName, setDescription, setDescription, setGUIName, setGUIName, setLocalizedDescription, setLocalizedGUIName, setName
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Constructor Detail


public Upload()
Method Detail


public void init()
Description copied from class: ProcessorModule
Initializes the module. Init must be overridden to read the environment variables it needs.
This method is called by Module.startModule(), which makes sure it is not called more than once. You should not call init() directly, call startModule() instead.

init in class ProcessorModule


public boolean process(scanpage sp,
                       Hashtable cmds,
                       Hashtable vars)
handle the uploaded bytestream.


public void deleteFile(String filename)
deletes an uploaded file.

filename - the name of the file, e.g. mem://filename


public byte[] getFile(String filename)
gets the bytearray of an uploaded file.

filename - the name of the file, e.g. mem://filename

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