Class DayMarkers

  extended by org.mmbase.util.functions.FunctionProvider
      extended by org.mmbase.module.core.MMTable
          extended by org.mmbase.module.core.MMObjectBuilder
              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, NodeEventListener, RelationEventListener

public class DayMarkers
extends MMObjectBuilder

Daymarkers are used to calculate the age of MMBase objects. Every day a daymarker is added to the daymarks table. Such an entry consists of a daycount (number of days from 1970), and a count (current object number of that day).

$Id: 41843 2010-04-12 15:04:13Z michiel $
Daniel Ockeloen,Rico Jansen, Michiel Meeuwissen

Field Summary
static String FIELD_DAYCOUNT
static String FIELD_MARK
static long SECONDS_IN_A_DAY
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int getAge(int nodeNumber)
          Returns the age, in days, of a node.
 Date getDate(MMObjectNode node)
          Returns the date of a daymarker
 int getDayCount()
          The current day count.
 int getDayCountAge(int daysold)
          Given an age, this function returns a mark, _not a day count_, and also _not an age_!
 int getDayCountByObject(int number)
 String getLocaleGUIIndicator(Locale locale, MMObjectNode node)
          Returns gui information for a specific node.
 int getMonthsByDayCount(int daycount)
 boolean init()
          Calculate smallestMark, and smallestDay.
 String replace(PageInfo sp, StringTokenizer command)
 void shutdown()
          clean all acquired resources, because system is shutting down
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Field Detail


public static final String FIELD_DAYCOUNT
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public static final String FIELD_MARK
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Constant Field Values


public static final long SECONDS_IN_A_DAY
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public static final long MILLISECONDS_IN_A_DAY
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Constructor Detail


public DayMarkers()
Method Detail


public boolean init()
Calculate smallestMark, and smallestDay. smallestMark is the smallest object number for which a daymark exists. smallestDay is the first daymarker that was set.

init in class MMObjectBuilder
true if init was completed, false if uncompleted.
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public void shutdown()
Description copied from class: MMObjectBuilder
clean all acquired resources, because system is shutting down

shutdown in class MMObjectBuilder


public int getAge(int nodeNumber)
Returns the age, in days, of a node. So, this does the inverse of most methods in this class. It converts a node number (which is like a mark) to a day.


public int getDayCount()
The current day count.

the number of days from 1970 of today.


public int getDayCountAge(int daysold)
Given an age, this function returns a mark, _not a day count_, and also _not an age_!

daysold - a time in days ago.
the smallest object number of all objects that are younger than given parameter daysold.


public String replace(PageInfo sp,
                      StringTokenizer command)
Scan. Known tokens are: COUNT-X gets an object number of X days after 1970 COUNTAGE-X gets an object number of X days old COUNTMONTH-X gets an object number of X months after 1970 COUNTNEXTMONTH-X gets an object number of X+1 months after 1970 COUNTPREVMONTH-X gets an object number of X-1 months after 1970 COUNTPREVDELTAMONTH-X-Y gets an object number of X-Y months after 1970 COUNTNEXTDELTAMONTH-X-Y gets an object number of X+Y months after 1970 TIMETOOBJECTNUMBER gets an object number of X seconds after 1970

replace in class MMObjectBuilder
sp - The PageInfo (containing http and user info) that calls the function
command - a list of strings that describe the (sub)command to execute
the result value as a String


public int getDayCountByObject(int number)


public int getMonthsByDayCount(int daycount)


public Date getDate(MMObjectNode node)
Returns the date of a daymarker

node - The node of which the date is wanted
a Date which is the date


public String getLocaleGUIIndicator(Locale locale,
                                    MMObjectNode node)
Returns gui information for a specific node. This value is retrieved by retrieving the field 'gui()' of the node (node.getStringValue("gui()") )

getLocaleGUIIndicator in class MMObjectBuilder
node - The node of which the gui information is wanted
a String in which the current date is shown

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