The MMBase standard and optional builders.


Interface Summary
ImagesInterface Builders with want to use the ImageCaches 'icaches' builders, need to implement this interface

Class Summary
AbstractImages AbstractImages holds the images and provides ways to insert, retrieve and search them.
AbstractImages.CKeyCache Cache with 'ckey' keys.
AbstractServletBuilder Some builders are associated with a servlet.
Attachments This builder can be used for 'attachments' builders.
DayMarkers Daymarkers are used to calculate the age of MMBase objects.
ImageCaches ImageCaches (aka as 'icaches') is a system-like builder used by builders with the 'Images' class.
Images If this class is used as the class for your builder, then an 'handle' byte field is assumed to contain an image.
Netfiles The Netfiles builder stores information on files that need to be transferred to other servers.
NetFileSrv The NetFileServ builder contains information on services available to NetFile objects.
People People builder, adds a replace() methods which retrieves a people objectnumber based on the current user's (SCAN) session.
PosRel Like InsRel, only with a GUIIndicator tailored for a relation with a 'pos' field.
Properties The properties builder can contain key/value pairs for any other node in MMBase.
ReferredAttachments An attachment builder where, aside from storing the binary data in the database, you can point out a binary resource on another server using an url.
Resources The resources builder can be used by ResourceLoader to load resources from (configuration files, classes, resourcebundles).
Urls The URL builder provides nice gui indications for objects with an 'url' field.
VersionCacheNode Deprecated. is this (cacheversionfile) used? seems obsolete now
VersionCacheWhenNode Deprecated. is this (cacheversionfile) used? seems obsolete now
VersionXMLCacheNodeReader Deprecated. is this (cacheversionfile) used? seems obsolete now
Vwms Virtual WebMasterS (VWMS) are agents within MMBase.
Vwmtasks Virtual Web Master task builder.

Package Description

The MMBase standard and optional builders.

The classes in this package are extensions of MMObjectBuilder, or support classes for these builders (such as probes and exceptions).

Each class implements some additonal Functionality. A number of these builders work together to form an application.

The default (featureless) builder used by MMBase is Dummy. Note that a number of essential buidlers (core buidlers) are located in a separate package.

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