Package org.mmbase.servlet

MMBase is based on servlets.


Interface Summary
MMBaseStarter Used in combo with MMBaseStartThread, which uses the methods of this interface to inform its starter about the results.

Class Summary
AttachmentServlet Serves attachments.
BridgeServlet BridgeServlet is an MMBaseServlet with a bridge Cloud in it.
BridgeServlet.QueryParts Keeps track of determined information, to avoid redetermining it.
CharacterEncodingFilter There's large simularity in the way data travels from and to a web server.
CharsetRemoverFilter Makes sure that there is no charset on the content type of certain types.
CloudThreadFilter Servlet Filter which associates a cloud of a http session to the current thread.
FileNameComparator Can be used as a value of the init parameters 'comparator' of FileServlet to make the files ordered alphabeticly
FileServlet Straight-forward filter which can serve files from one directory (the directory 'files' in the mmbase 'datadir') outside the web application root.
FileServlet.ChainedRange This implementation of Range parses and combines a number of FileServlet.FirstLastRanges.
FileServlet.DirectoryFunction The directory as a function.
FileServlet.FirstLastRange Implementation of Range simply stating the first and last chars which are available, perhaps with a maximum too.
HandleServlet Base servlet for nodes with a 'handle' field.
ImageServlet ImageServlet handles nodes as images.
JamesServlet JamesServlet is a adaptor class.
JumpersFilter Redirects request based on information supplied by the jumpers builder.
MMBaseServlet MMBaseServlet is a base class for other MMBase servlets (like ImageServlet).
MMBaseStartThread Seperate thread to init MMBase.
Performance Performance Servlet is used as a basic Servlet to test whether the installation of succeeded.
servdb Deprecated. use ImageServlet or AttachmentServlet instead
servflash The Servflas servlet responds on certain file extensions to dynamically generate Shockwave Flash based on a template and information from within MMBase
servjumpers Deprecated. use org.mmbase.servlet.JumpersFilter
servscan servscan is the 'extended html language' (parsing *.shtml) provided for MMbase its a system like php3, asp or jsp but has its roots providing a simpler toolset for Interaction designers and gfx designers.
SimpleFormToMailServlet Deprecated. Abstract and not used anywhere.

Package org.mmbase.servlet Description

MMBase is based on servlets. To start MMBase you have to have at least one servlet which extends MMBaseServlet. It could be MMBaseServlet itself (which can't do much by itself - it will give back the version only - but MMBase then is availabe in your JSP-pages).

The abstract 'BridgeServlet' can be used to base new servlets upon in which the MMBase 'cloud' is to be used.

A very normal servlet to have it a an image servlet. There are two now: ImageServlet and 'servdb'. The latter used to be the 'all purpose' MMBase servlet, but as soon as all purposes are migrated to stand alone, more clean, servlets this class will be deprecated.

There are also a few servlet presents in the package which are mere `test' or `demo' servlets.

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