Class EventSender

  extended by org.mmbase.sms.Sender
      extended by org.mmbase.sms.EventSender

public class EventSender
extends Sender

SMS Sender implementation, which only wraps the message in an SMSEvent and offers it to the Event Manager. Assumed is that precisely one of the mmbases in the cluster is configured with some actual SMS sending implementation and accepts the event.

$Id: 35335 2009-05-21 08:14:41Z michiel $
Michiel Meeuwissen

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Collection<SMS> getQueue()
 boolean offer(SMS sms)
          Offers an SMS for sending.
 boolean send(SMS sms)
          Sends an SMS, immediately.
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Constructor Detail


public EventSender()
Method Detail


public boolean send(SMS sms)
Description copied from class: Sender
Sends an SMS, immediately.

Specified by:
send in class Sender


public boolean offer(SMS sms)
Description copied from class: Sender
Offers an SMS for sending. It needs not do this immediately, but may collect some, and offer them in batch to an SMS gateway.

Specified by:
offer in class Sender


public Collection<SMS> getQueue()
Specified by:
getQueue in class Sender

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