Package org.mmbase.streams.transcoders

Interface Summary
Analyzer The goal of implementations of this interface is to be wrapped by a AnalyzerLogger (which itself probably is an entry in a ChainedLogger).
Transcoder Representation of one transcoding action.

Class Summary
AbstractTranscoder Base transcoder for others.
AnalyzerLogger A Logger which only wraps a Analyzer to analyze the logs.
AnalyzerUtils Utility methods common for the analyzers that look for several media audio, video and images, that try to extract information, convert nodetypes to the matching kind etc.
ChainedAnalyzer Makes it possible to chain analyzers one after another.
CommandTranscoder A transcoder based on an external command, like ffmpeg or ffmpeg2theora.
ErrorDetector Reads log and watches for error patterns.
FFMpeg2TheoraTranscoder This transcoder uses the command ffmpeg2theora.
FFMpegAnalyzer An implementation of Analyzer that uses FFmpeg to analyze files.
FFMpegRecognizer A recognizer that uses FFmpeg to analyze media.
FFMpegTranscoder Transcoder that uses ffmpeg to transcode media.
InfiniteTranscoder This is a transcoder that does nothing.
MockTranscoder This is a transcoder simply copies the file, and does not transcode anything.
RecognizerTranscoder This thin wrapper just represents a 'Recognizer' as a Transcoder.
SegmenterAnalyzer Analyzes segmenter output during its job, changes url field to m3u8 index file when ready and rewrites m3u8 to removed full paths.
SegmenterTranscoder The transcoder that uses segmenter to create segments of a stream including their m3u8 index file to be distributed over a cellular network.

Annotation Types Summary
Settings This annotation can be used on a Transcoder class, and provides a list of 'properties' on that class.

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